About Us

Bosnian House was the first to introduce authentic Bosnian cuisine & our world-famous Bosnian Kebabs in the UAE. When we first launched in 2015, at Global village, Bosnian food & kebabs were quite unknown. Within just a few months, our food was the most talked about and went on to win several awards.

Right from the get-go, we strongly believed in presenting Bosnia – it’s deep-rooted culture & delicious food. Hence, we use our age-old traditional Bosnian House recipe for our delectable Kebabs made using only fresh ingredients. We strongly believe in providing value for money which is why our pricing is affordable even though our ingredients are all organic and top-grade. We embed the culture of Bosnian even in the ambience of the restaurant showcasing the culture and lifestyle of the olden-golden days of Bosnia.

Today, we are amongst the most famous restaurants in town owed to our vision of being unique in this classical F&B environment. That’s one of the major reasons of our success, our positive and overwhelming response from the customers & that has led us to achieve 3 prestigious awards in the region.

Last but not least, we are from Bosnian. From our waiters, to our chefs, managers & the founder – all of us are from Bosnia and are here to provide you an authentic and delicious experience.

We are the first, the best & the leading Bosnian Restaurant in Town.

Welcome to Bosnian House!